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A web browser for desktops or mobile devices that won't hog your system resources

A web browser for desktops or mobile devices that won't hog your system resources

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Program license: Free

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Works under: Windows

Also available for Android


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UC Browser is a lightweight browser solution for users with outdated computer hardware and/or slow internet connections. Included with UC Browser are all the features a user would expect in their favorite internet browser including add-on support, themes, cloud synchronization, download management, and much more.

How Does It Work?

UC Browser offers a streamlined and lightning-fast internet browsing experience based on its unique method in handling page loading. In order to create quick and smooth transitions between pages, UC Browser preemptively loads links and images long before they are actually clicked. While virtually any computer can run UC Browser without incident, the app is designed particularly for under-performing Windows machines.

In the event that your computer has trouble running UC Browser, an alternative by the name of UC Mini is also offered by the same parent company which uses the least amount of hardware resources possible to offer an acceptable internet browsing experience.

UC Browser is based entirely on Google Chromium, which is the same infrastructure used to power Google Chrome. This means UC Browser is compatible with all Google Chrome themes and add-ons, and it can be tweaked in the same way via the settings. It's important to note that UC Browser does not come with an ad-blocker, so it would be wise to grab one shortly after installation of this browser.

Better Tab Management

While UC Browser offers a variety of perks that make internet browsing on a slower PC an enjoyable experience, one of the best features comes in the form of tab management. With other browsers, you might notice your computer's performance begin to dwindle as you throw more tabs at it, but with UC Browser, there is no such performance hit.

Most popular browsers handle tab management by simultaneously storing each open tab's information in your computer's memory, leading to poor performance and slow computer responsiveness. UC Browser instead only stores the information from your currently selected tab in your computer's memory. Whenever you select another tab, that page's information is then loaded in place of the previous tab's information.

Tabs that are deselected with media playing, such as video or audio, will work as they do in other browsers, but this could produce a noticeable decrease in performance.

Customization at Your Fingertips

Users who like adding a personal visual touch to their apps will enjoy the vast library of themes and skins that can be used with UC Browser. Themes can change the way UC Browser looks, and you can even import wallpapers for making your home page more lively. On the home page itself, you can create a tile list of all of your favorite websites so that they are easily accessible with just a single click.

Cloud Synchronization

Because UC Browser comes as a mobile variant as well, cloud synchronization is offered as a feature so that your content can be accessed from anywhere, at any time. Synchronizing your browser's content across devices starts with creating a UC account, so it's generally a good idea to do this as soon as possible after initial installation.

Drawbacks and Safety Concerns

There's no denying that UC Browser has a lot to offer users with limited functionality, but with this software also comes a few pitfalls. Video streaming, especially that of high quality, tends to cause performance instability with some PCs. You might notice a performance improvement with this browser when it comes to basic web browsing, but if you plan on watching large and/or high quality videos, you might run into problems.

Additionally, there are security concerns surrounding this browser, and those concerns have been purported by reputable names in the tech industry. Specifically, it has been warned that user data and information are at risk, and that sharing personal details with/via this browser is generally not advised.

There has been a reasonable amount of evidence unearthed from this software that points to behavioral tracking and communication with an outside server. Those who are using the mobile variant of this browser might find that it consumes an abnormal amount of battery life compared to other apps. Many believe this level of power consumption is directly related to surveillance and tracking, as well as constant communication with an external server.

Great Performance at the Cost of Security

For some, the security concerns are enough to turn them away from choosing this browser despite its exceptional lightweight browsing environment. The possibility is high that this browser could become relatively popular if it made a push away from data collection and surveillance, but in an age where said surveillance has been virtually normalized in the tech space, this is unlikely.

Despite its flaws, this browser is great at what it's intended to do, which is offer a solid internet browsing solution to those who have slow computers and/or internet connections. This browser is ideally great for someone who does not plan on sharing personal or sensitive information online with it. If you want a dependable, fast browser for reading email and catching up on the news, UC Browser is the answer.


  • Great performance on slower machines
  • Unique tab management
  • Many customization options


  • Ad-blocking isn't browser-provided
  • Not a good option for streaming video
  • Security is lacking